Heartland Rural Physician Alliance

Save the Date! Annual Conference IV on May 8, 2015

The Heartland Rural Physician Alliance Annual Conference is just around the corner! Click here to learn more this opportunity.



Heartland Rural Physician Alliance focuses on patient-centered care and better health outcomes for patients.

Heartland Rural Physician Alliance, or HRPA, members are independent physicians and clinics across Iowa. Joining together, they are committed to ensuring their practices make steady progress toward the Patient Centered Medical Home model of health care and that necessary community support services are made available to patients.  

HRPA is participating in implementation of transitions that will benefit both patients and the members while maintaining their independent practices within their communities. These transitions will help members and HRPA take advantage of the new opportunities offered under the Affordable
Care Act.



Patients will have access to high-value, high-quality health care with improved patient outcomes.



Heartland Rural Physician Alliance will engage and support member physicians and practices in providing world-class, patient centered health care in alignment with the Patient Centered Medical Home model.