What Sets Our IPA Apart?

HRPA is an IPA. As a primary care led and run organization, Heartland Rural Physician Alliance offers a unique approach to the current healthcare challenges and opportunities.

It is a focused organization of independent-minded physicians, clinics, and practices that speak and negotiate on a group level.

We found ourselves at the intersection of rapid, dramatic delivery system and payment system change, embodied in large part by the PCMH and ACO movements. We came together to share knowledge gained by efforts at improving patient care and exploring new payment opportunities. 

An IPA brings together shared knowledge, best practices, collegial support, and credentialed vendors to support services, education, and pricing for our members.

Our Alliance reaches out across the state to Iowa’s rural physicians and clinics to lessen the burden of transformation and change. There is no other IPA like HRPA in Iowa.


"We are about being alert to the rapidly-changing healthcare environment and effective at developing organizational resources to meet the emerging needs of our members"

- Donald Klitgaard, MD
HRPA Board President