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Heartland Rural Physician Alliance members are independent physicians and clinics across Iowa, who are committed to ensuring their practices work for better care, healthier populations, and lower costs. 

Board Members

Heartland Rural Physician Alliance Members are a growing community of physicians, advanced care providers, and administrators from independent Iowa practices and hospitals. 

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What Members are Saying

"Heartland practices achieved significant shared savings in 2016, the first year of participation in each of our current Accountable Care Organization (ACO) efforts. As a track 1 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO, Heartland Physicians ACO generated over $2.3 millionin shared savings, as one of only two MSSP ACOs out of the nine with beneficiaries in Iowa to realize shared savings. 


Also in 2016, our Wellmark BCBS ACO achieved more than $158 in savings per beneficiaryin 2016, allowing for a new value-based revenue stream back to member practices.  Our 2017 Wellmark BCBS ACO results released this summer show our members generated over $720,000 in shared savingsfor the year."

"Heartland provides the up-to-date data analysis that allows my practice toimprove patient care and benefit financially from participation in an ACO. Heartland’s technical support and one-on-one counseling is vital to qualityimprovement and is beneficial to me and my staff.”


Stephen J. Veit, MD, Heartland Rural Physician Alliance

Participating Provider in 2014 ACA’s Medicare Shared Savings ACO.

“We are very pleased to report that our organization had significant and increasing shared savings in the Wellmark ACO for two years running and also significant savings through our CMS Medicare Shared Savings for 2016,” indicated Kevin de Regnier, DO, Heartland Board Vice-President. “Through data analysis combined with practice-level process changes, our members were able to improve the care given to their patients, reduce overall healthcare costs, and reap the benefits of being a part of the ACO.”


Kevin de Regnier, DO, Board Heartland Rural Physician Alliance Board Vice President


Heartland Rural Physician Alliance partners with MedLink Advantage for management of the ACO which includes compliance, oversight, training, data reporting, and more.


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