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About Heartland Rural Physician Alliance

About Heartland Rural Physician Alliance

Established in 2012, the Heartland Rural Physician Alliance (HRPA) focuses on patient-centered care and better health outcomes for patients. HRPA members are independent physicians and clinics across Iowa. Joining together, they are committed to ensuring their practices make steady progress toward achieving the triple aim of better care, healthier populations, and lower costs. 


Membership in HRPA allows Iowa’s independent physicians, practices, and hospitals to maintain their autonomy, while taking advantage of services to lessen the burden of system change stemming from health care reforms. The goals of HRPA include:

  • Bringing like-minded practices together to develop opportunities that allow the success of independent primary care practices across Iowa.

  • Supporting members in delivering high quality, cost-effective patient care, and positive patient experience through proven practices for independent care facilities and hospitals. 

  • Providing practice-specific data to assist members in making practice-level decisions to improve patient outcomes.

  • Leveraging new opportunities for member practices to improve patient health outcomes and to lower health care costs for everyone. 

Stronger Together.


Our Vision

Iowa’s independent physicians thrive in a collaborative culture of world class, patient-centered health care. 


Our Mission

To support Iowa’s independent physicians and practices to achieve cost-effective, high quality patient-centered health care. 


Member Advantages

Heartland Rural Physician Alliance is a non-profit, physician-driven organization, where members remain in charge of their future. HRPA membership benefits include:

  • Maintaining practice autonomy, while improving patient care.

  • Collaborating with other physicians to share best practices on care coordination and quality care.

  • Participating in accountable care organizations (ACOs) to maximize member income performance.

  • Assessing practice-specific expert data analysis and one-on-one consulting to improve practice metrics leading to better patient care and increased shared savings. 

  • Staying up-to-date with the latest relevant news and resources.

A Message from Heartland RPA Board Chair

Today’s quickly-changing healthcare landscape offers many challenges, as well as opportunities, on the path to value-based healthcare. Heartland Rural Physician Alliance is an IPA established in 2012 to help Heartland members meet these changes head-on. 


We are a growing community of physicians, advanced care providers, and administrators from independent Iowa practices and hospitals, who are committed to providing the highest value patient care, excellent population health outcomes, while creating smarter spending by learning how to effectively understand and utilize healthcare cost data.  We have had marked success in supporting our members’ efforts to thrive in this transition to value-based healthcare.


Heartland practices achieved significant shared savings in 2016, the first year of participation in each of our current Accountable Care Organization (ACO) efforts. As a track 1 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACO, Heartland Physicians ACO generated over $2.3 million in shared savings, as one of only two MSSP ACOs out of the nine with beneficiaries in Iowa to realize shared savings. 


Also in 2016, our Wellmark BCBS ACO achieved more than $158 in savings per beneficiary in 2016, allowing for a new value-based revenue stream back to member practices.  Our 2017 Wellmark BCBS ACO results released this summer show our members generated over $720,000 in shared savings for the year.  


Concurrently, Heartland practices excelled in the quality metrics in both ACO programs through a combination of data analytics and practice-level process change support provided by a partnership with MedLink Advantage, LLC. Heartland members also receive education and support to understand risk adjustment, a crucial component of success moving forward in ACOs and value-based healthcare.


We invite you to learn more about how you and your practice can benefit from membership in Heartland Rural Physician Alliance Please review the website and let us know if you have questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.  




Don Klitgaard, M.D.

Board President, Heartland RPA

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